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360 feedback Carbon360 Professional
Carbon360 Professional

Carbon360 Professional offers all the flexibility and reliability of a bespoke 360 review solution, but we save you time by managing the software for you.

From configuration to managing your 360 feedback reviews themselves, the Carbon360 team will take care of the whole process, leaving you free to focus on your instantly generated feedback reports.

360 feedback Carbon360 enterprise
Carbon360 Enterprise

Carbon360 Enterprise gives you complete control over your whole 360 review process, meaning you benefit from the most cost-efficient way to manage reviews.

We will fully train you to run the system in whatever way is best for your organisation. If you do need a helping hand, there will always be a dedicated account manager ready to support you.

360 feedback Carbon360 consultant package
Carbon360 Consultant

Carbon360 Consultant is perfect if you are managing multiple reviews for multiple clients. 

Whether you would like to manage the software yourself or would like us to manage 360 feedback for you, Carbon360 Consultant gives you the freedom to offer each of your clients a bespoke performance management solution, right down to the branding.

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Carbon360 Goals

Plan individual goals and get direct feedback.

Carbon360 Goals is available as an add-on to any of our 360 feedback packages

Use Carbon360 to manage the whole performance management process — set individual goals based on feedback and track progress online, any time.

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  • Set individual goals
  • Create and manage goals throughout the year
  • Align individual goals with company aims
  • Link goals across departments
  • Manage regular goal reviews
  • Identify training needs across departments
  • Use scores and comments to inform your 360 feedback review
  • Create regular reports to track progress
360 feedback and goals

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