Carbon360 Enterprise

Full training & support to run your 360 feedback reviews.

We know how important great talent management is to the success of your business 

We also know that every organisation has different in-house capabilities, and that these evolve over time.

Carbon360 has been developed to provide the features you require in a 360 feedback tool, with the flexibility to tailor it to your business processes.

Carbon360 is incredibly user-friendly and we will fully train you to configure the system to empower your in-house team to run it your own way.

Our expert team will work with you to understand your requirements and provide all the training you need to ensure that not only is the system set up the way you want, but that your administrative team are trained to manage all aspects of running your 360 reviews.
Of course, if you do need additional support, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help you.

Carbon360 gives you the ability to create multiple questionnaires and review templates around your own competency frameworks. Our Enterprise Package also includes full branding of the system with your company colours and logo, making your entire 360 feedback process fits into your organisation seamlessly.

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Carbon360 Enterprise allows you to:

  • Control 360 feedback programmes and access multiple questionnaires in one place
  • Start reviews quickly either manually or using the auto-start feature 
  • Tailor email content and design to fit your company processes and terminology
  • Check progress, and switch/add/remove reviewers if required
  • Quickly create management reports using 360 feedback
  • Identify training needs, progression plans and trends in the business
  • Add Carbon360 Goals to set, monitor and track on-going SMART goals
360 feedback from the Carbon360 team
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Carbon360 Professional
360 feedback Carbon360 Professional

When you're busy, managing reviews can be time consuming and a drain on your resources. With Carbon360 Professional you benefit from powerful reporting and a fully customisable system, without the hassle. 

The Carbon360 team will administer the whole system for you. Just tell us what you need, and we'll do the rest. 

Carbon360 Consultant
360 feedback Carbon360 consultant package

Easily manage multiple client appraisals with Carbon360 Consultant. We have worked with consultants across the globe to deliver bespoke questionnaires and fully branded reviews to their clients. 

We work as part of your team to deliver 360 feedback that fits seamlessly into your client's business.  

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