360 feedback in schools

Carbon360—The flexible 360 feedback solution that's tailored to education

360 feedback in schools

Carbon360—The flexible 360 feedback solution that's tailored to education

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360 feedback appraisals are the ideal performance management solution for education.

Back in 2014 Headmaster Kevin Jones brought 360 feedback appraisals into the mix—the new approach has made it possible for him to “incorporate the feedback of department heads, staff and pupils, to build up a much better all-round picture of the overall functioning of individual departments, and the school as a whole”.

And it’s not just at St John’s that 360 feedback is transforming the performance management process. A number of schools and universities—as well as organisations involved in regulating and training the profession—employ 360 feedback in their appraisal system.

When the Education sector is spending record amounts on staffing; development and retention has to take priority. Properly deployed, 360 feedback is a powerful tool in giving teachers ownership over their goals, keeping them engaged, and nurturing both loyalty and the bottom line.  

Put simply, 360 feedback reviews are all about communication. They’re your chance to gather insight from colleagues, managers, direct reports, and even students to create an accurate and thorough performance overview.

By assuring reviewers anonymity, 360 feedback reviews build up an honest, true-to-life picture of exactly where a member of staff is in their development. And, with honest feedback from a wide range of sources, educational leaders can reassess their skills, address their weaknesses, and offer more value to their schools and districts.

360 feedback is an effective way to hone in on specific bands too. It can be used to enhance the assessment and management of teachers looking to progress through threshold, middle leaders, SLT and even Head Teachers working across a multi-academy chain.

Carbon360 is a flexible, tailored solution that’s designed to support you in the time-consuming and often complex business of performance management at every level.

Using Carbon360 you can generate comparison reports for your SMT, middle leaders and even interdepartmentally. These clear, tailored comparison reports make it easy to identify skills gaps, highlight strengths, and inform development plans—and keep your organisation working efficiently across every department.

Get in touch with the team today to find out more about why Carbon360 is the right 360 feedback solution for education.

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