5 Game of Thrones Quotes that could help HR

5 Game of Thrones Quotes that could help HR

Game of Thrones

With more motivational speeches, leadership battles, life and death recruitment drives and violent upheavals than the average HR department has to deal with (we hope anyway!) Game of Thrones is the ultimate power struggle.

As one of the Carbon360 team’s favourite shows (just speak to our account manager Andy about it if you call up. He’ll quote the whole programme for you!), we decided to put together our top 5 Game of Thrones quotes that could teach HR a thing or two!

1.       Power resides where men believe it resides. 
Lord Varys

Managers need to get staff to believe in them, that’s the source of their power!

They should speak to employees and work with HR to make policies clear. That doesn’t mean that HR should rule with an iron fist, but it does mean that they need to write policies that are adhered to, and understood by all. Communicate clearly, and make sure the boundaries you set are clear, and above all, fair.

2.  Money only buys a man’s silence for a time. Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)

Obviously, the main reason people work for your organisation is money. However, money alone won’t motivate your staff in the long term.

If you want to inspire staff loyalty, you need to keep open communication with your employees, and nurture a great company culture. Set individual goals and show employees that they are able to progress within the organisation. You don’t want to buy their silence though, quite the opposite! Encourage transparency and communication.

3.       There are no men like me, only me. Jamie

No employee wants to feel like just a number.

Make sure your employees feel valued as individuals. Speak to them one on one regularly, and allow them to give feedback about how they think they are doing. Ask their opinion on how they feel the organisation is doing, too. Make them feel there is no one like them, only them.

No. No fire games, no knife games. Let's do something I'm good at. Tyrion

What are you good at? Shae

I happen to be a great judge of character.Tyrion

This sounds like a boring game. Bronn 

Okay, so showy games* may be some people’s strong suit, but no two employees are the same.

Individual employees have different strengths and weaknesses, and like Tyrion, HR and managers must be a great judge of character. Ensure they understand where an individual’s strength lies, and that they nurture and develop this talent.

Recognising where your existing staff can grow and develop reduces staff turn-over, and means staff have more loyalty to the organisation.

* The Carbon360 team do not advise playing with knives and fire in the office!

5.       You disappoint me child. We've told you of your father's treason. Why would you want to speak to a traitor? Cersei

If you lie to your employees, they won’t trust you, and they will lie to you back. Open communication will cease and you will not know what’s going on within your own organisation. If you run your company with transparency and encourage employees to give honest feedback, then you, and they, will have a clear picture of what is going on. 

That means any problems can be addressed before they lead to an uprising or an attempt to overthrow the throne!

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