A little about Carbon360

A little about Carbon360

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Thanks for visiting our new Carbon360 blog!

We thought it would be a good start to tell you a little about ourselves, and why we are so passionate about HR and Performance Management.

It’s been 8 years since our team of HR wizards came up with Carbon360, and we've come a long way.

It took hard graft - and most importantly, listening and responding to our clients comments - to perfect the product we have today. We have constantly been adding to, improving and updating our software ever since we started,  right up to Carbon360's most recent addition, our great online goal setting package, Carbon360 Performance.

We are the most user friendly, comprehensive and flexible product on the market. And like any good HR perfectionists, we really understand the value of people, and it shows in our work. So we would like to tell you a little about how Carbon360 came to be.

Humble beginnings

Carbon360 began life as a client’s request for a bespoke web application.

There simply wasn't anything on the market at the time that did what they wanted, so we've been at the helm of 360-appraisal development right from the off.

This also meant we were free to be creative and enthusiastic about our product without worrying what the competition was doing!

We continued to develop the software as demand for Carbon360 grew based on the suggestions of our clients, so we know our product really works in practice.

Our enterprise model proved popular, and we now work for clients all around the globe. But that doesn't mean we have lost sight of our humble beginnings.

Because we are so passionate about HR, the team that started Carbon360 are still here, and it keeps growing. That’s because we make sure our staff are happy workers as well as yours!

The Importance of being Ernest

We are proud and thankful for the honest and lasting relationships we have built with our clients, as without their advice, we wouldn't have become the great product we are today.

By listening to the wants and needs of all the companies that have used our product, we have been able to greatly improve the customisability, flexibility and functionality of  Carbon360 - and we continue to do so.

We are serious about our work, and we don’t simply aim to sell and then hot foot it out of the door.

We are here to support our clients for as long as they need us, and we really value your comments and feedback. That’s what helps us improve. Basically, we practice what we preach!

Carbon360 Today

Four major updates (and a myriad of tiny ones!) bring us to our latest product – Version 4.9.

We can now not only accommodate enterprise level businesses, but SME’s, consultants and big behemoth organisations.

We have also progressed from simply providing great 360 appraisal software, and now have Carbon360 Performance, a brilliant goal setting add on that means you can keep communication, feedback and progress on-going throughout the year.

Our team has grown, and we have made sure we only recruit experts who really are passionate about the product.

We know it inside out, and it is always one of these lovely knowledgeable people who will be on hand to support you. We provide flexible packages which aim to give you as much, or as little, backup from us as you want in your performance management process. But as we said, we really are a flexible and customisable product, so if the packages don’t quite suit you, just give us a shout, and we’ll see what we can do!

So that brings us right up to today.

We hope you find the advice and information on our blog both interesting and useful.

And remember, whether a client or a fellow HR professional, we would love to hear your comments. So fire away!


The Carbon360 Team

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