All together now! Why aligning individual goals with company aims is the key to success.

All together now! Why aligning individual goals with company aims is the key to success.

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It’s that time of year again – festivities are over and everyone is back into the swing of things at work. That means it’s the perfect time to start setting goals for your organisation.

For most organisations, the overall company vision and mission is unlikely to alter dramatically from one year to the next. However, it is important to regularly review company goals and ensure they not only remain relevant to your organisation’s vision, but that they are also directly focussed on company performance and aims over the coming year.

To be achievable, company goals need to be communicated clearly and widely. The overall strength of an organisation is in the sum of its parts, and clear communication of company aims to all staff, as well as setting individual goals that align with your organisation’s overarching mission, lays the foundation for whole company success.

Clarity and tracking

By the time you conduct individual goal meetings with your staff, they should already have a good idea of the company aims for the coming year. By setting well-aligned individual goals that can be tracked and amended throughout the year, the entire company’s vision and mission can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Good goal alignment strengthens leadership and ensures transparency within the organisation, building loyalty and trust throughout.

Making the most of your resources

When individual goals are successfully aligned with company aims, you are better able to identify skills gaps as well as employee strengths, putting you in a stronger position to formulate robust personal development plans. This will aid staff retention and ensure that all the skills you have in house are properly utilised and that career progression works to benefit the company as well as the individual.

Flexibility and agility

By aligning individual goals and company goals, and ensuring that both are assessed and reported on regularly, you give your whole organisation focus. Regular assessment of progress allows you the flexibility to alter goals as the needs of the company change, as well as the ability to easily communicate that change throughout the entire organisation. Make clear that both progress and areas where staff are struggling should be communicated. This enables to you address any issues or changes in circumstance immediately.

Measure Your Success

By setting goals which staff report back on regularly, you are able to get a detailed picture of how your organisation is performing at every level.  The entire company will then be working successfully toward the same aims, and you will have a really clear picture of what is going on – all year round.

Engaged staff make successful organisations

By cascading company goals from the top down to each individual you ensure that the entire company is working together. Well-communicated individual goals that are assessed regularly mean staff are informed and focused, and also know how important their role is to the success of the company as a whole. By doing this, staff have a real sense of the value of their individual contribution, and are far more likely to feel that what they do really makes a difference to company success.

In these ways, well-aligned goals mean that every element of your company is working in harmony to ensure the overall success, productivity and profitability of your organisation.

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