Launching Carbon360 version 4.12.0

Ticking another thing off your list...

Launching Carbon360 version 4.12.0

Ticking another thing off your list...

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More and more organisations are ditching the traditional annual appraisal (a standard questionnaire followed by a possibly tense one-on-one) in favour of the more fluid, feedback-based approach of 360 appraisals. And, with appraisals sometimes ‘another thing on the to-do list’, demands on the average HR department are growing.

The prize is a more rounded view of every team member’s performance. Insightful feedback from your employee, their manager, peers, direct reports and clients helps you coach workers towards personal and business goals and away from limitations. Regular appraisals are a chance to listen to your people and support them – as a result, improved engagement across your organisation leads to higher staff retention.

But how do you see the rewards without putting more pressure on your HR department?

360 appraisal tools help you develop staff competencies that are central to job roles and your company values, but they can create as many obstacles as they solve. Often they’re designed by dedicated system engineers – technical experts with the know-how to create a sophisticated programme – but they’re not always a great fit for your organisation.

We take a different approach. We tailor Carbon360 to you.

For 11 years we’ve taken a collaborative approach: working closely with organisations of all shapes and sizes to suit Carbon360 users. We don’t ask you to change to suit Carbon360 – we develop intuitive, flexible solutions that support you.

Carbon360 is all about making the review process easy, and we’re going one step further with version 4.12.0 – set for launch at the end of this month. We help you manage your team’s feedback with automated reminders and personal task lists for each participant. We use bespoke questionnaires and rating scales, as well as automated, customisable emails to support you. And, we give you instant feedback reports, comparative and historical reporting functionality and a choice of review templates.

Our latest version gives you everything you need to keep things running smoothly and its fresh, new look means it’s easier to use with clear, intuitive navigation and guidance – all so you can be sure that Carbon360 appraisals aren’t just something else for your ‘to-do list’.

Don’t just take our word for it – get in touch today for your free demonstration.

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