Approaching recruitment the right way - How to find the perfect fit

Approaching recruitment the right way - How to find the perfect fit

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There are a lot of companies competing for the best employees, and top talent can afford to be discerning about where they want to work.

That’s why Heidi, our HR Director has been thinking carefully about what makes people want to work for Carbon360.

Having just recruited five new members to the team, what better time to pick Heidi’s brain about what attracts the perfect employee?

So, Heidi, how much do you think recruitment is an employee’s market at the moment – and what does that mean for HR?

Regardless of market conditions, good employers should always approach recruitment as an employee’s market. By doing so, the recruitment process is grounded in what would attract the right kind of prospective employee to your organisation. It is important to think about and define the sort of organisation you are before you start the recruitment process.

Companies should communicate their values, culture, and what it is like to work for the organisation clearly and positively to potential recruits. By taking a marketeer’s approach to recruitment, you portray an honest sense of what it is like to work for your organisation. It is also the best way to recruit employees who are a good fit and will remain loyal to your company.

How do you articulate the company culture to candidates, and how do you decide if they are a good fit for Carbon360?

Applicants should have a clear idea what you expect from them, as well as what to expect from you if they join the team. Recruiting the right fit is very important. Although the skill set required for specific roles obviously varies, the core competencies important to your organisation should inform every stage of the recruitment process.

In order to retain top talent, employers should support the ongoing development of skills and knowledge over the course of an employee’s career –that is why it is important to choose a great fit for the team who will stay and grow with you.

What tips would you give other HR professionals when they are on the look-out for new employees?

When you are thinking about advertising a position within your company, you should explore every available channel to decide what is right for you.

Whether you choose recruitment boards, social media or paid advertising, you should think of recruitment in a similar way to networking. Get your current employees involved too; if your job advert is genuinely reflective of the organisation, employees will be happy to help and to become ambassadors for your brand. A current employee’s recommendation of their place of work is very valuable.

As a HR professional, what do you enjoy most about the recruitment process?

My favourite part of the process is looking at my workplace afresh and reminding myself what it is I love about working here. Recruiting is also a brilliant opportunity to ask colleagues for feedback and to get a great indication of employee engagement within the organisation.

Thinking about what your workplace has to offer potential recruits makes you passionate about your place of work. It’s great knowing that the job ads you put out are not simply a sales pitch, but a well-considered and genuine reflection of the role and what it’s like to work for your organisation.

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