What a difference a Bank Holiday Makes!

What a difference a Bank Holiday Makes!

Spring is one of my favourite times of year. The weather is getting better, the evenings are getting lighter, and it’s about to be Easter Bank Holiday – hurrah! 

A long bank holiday can do wonders for staff morale. Two short weeks and a lovely four day break can make all the difference to the mood of your staff. 

A little break at this time of year gives staff a chance to think about what they are looking to achieve in the second quartile of the year, and to chat to friends and family about their careers - as well as an excuse to eat too much chocolate! 

If you set individual goals for your staff at the start of the year, HR can facilitate a positive return to work after the bank holiday by arranging a catch up goal meeting with staff. Regular catch ups boost morale, and mean you are able to address any potential problems in a timely manner.  
It’s a great time to speak to each individual member of staff, and to find out how they are feeling about their role, their workload, and to discuss how motivated and engaged they are feeling at work.

Setting individual goals for staff is a great way to make sure your employees work is on track, and directly linked the organisational aims for the year. 
Goals should be informed by both what the employee wants to achieve and the overarching company goals, as well as by review feedback. Goals should be reviewed regularly, and communication about progress should be on going.

By conducting regular goal reviews, you give employees the opportunity to talk openly about their progress, and about any issues they may be having. This gives them the support and encouragement they need to rectify any issues. Regular communication with staff is vital if you want a focussed and motivated workforce, and goal reviews are a great way to keep communication structured without being impersonal.

Give staff reasonable warning that you will be conducting a goal review, but do this after the bank holiday or they may worry about it during their break.  Make clear that the meeting is not a form of scrutiny, simply a way to check in with staff and to discuss any issues they may be having in achieving their goals.
Spring goal reviews are also a good opportunity to reinforce employee understanding of the company mission and vision, and to make clear to employees how they contribute to achieving company-wide goals. If you want motivated staff, you need to make sure they know how their role contributes to overall company success.

If you speak to staff one on one, you will encourage motivation and enforce the feeling that their opinions are valued and their work appreciated. 

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone! 

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