CIPD HR Outlook 2015 - Views of our profession

CIPD HR Outlook 2015 - Views of our profession

This report from CIPD examines key issues for the HR at the start of 2015. The report collates feedback from 630 HR professionals and discusses how we can use metrics to demonstrate the positive impact that human resources has on business in a wider context.

The CIPD aims to "highlight current issues and emerging trends within HR [and...] construct a picture of HR today as well as look forward, considering future challenges that need to be addressed".

Summary of key findings (taken from the CIPD website):

  1. Current and future priorities for HR functions
  2. How HR contributes to business performance
  3. Developing HR capability
  4. HR’s use of data and metrics to demonstrate impact
  5. The profile of HR departments
  6. Routes into the profession and career paths
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