Create colleague collaboration – Whatever department you’re in!

Create colleague collaboration – Whatever department you’re in!

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Most companies rely on a number of departments working together in order to sell their product. Those departments are often very varied, requiring different skill sets and different types of people and personalities. It is also often the case that departments work in different parts of the office – or different offices all together.

However, that shouldn’t mean they don’t communicate!

People work better when they work together, and companies work better when the individuals in each department understand what their colleagues do. Employees also need a clear understanding of how they fit into achieving the overall goals of the company.

At Carbon360, we have various teams – sales, marketing, account managers, product managers, designers and web coders – all working to make Carbon360 perform perfectly. Each job is very different. However, we have found that if marketing and sales don’t understand what they are asking of the design and coding team for example, the process simply doesn’t run as efficiently as it should. That’s why we encourage on-going communication between each department.

One of the things that makes Carbon360 great is that it is designed around the user and shaped by client suggestions. We aim to make appraisals and goal setting a stress free and positive experience. That means the Carbon360 team need to work together to get all the elements right – from account management, to perfectly designed branding for our clients, to all the invisible code that makes each instance work the way our clients want it to.

The only way we can do this is by ensuring each department communicates effectively and makes sure the needs of our clients are understood and met.

Though the team have very different specialisms (I don’t have the first idea about web coding I can tell you!) it helps to speak to the design team and coders in person, as while I know what the client wants, if I have no understanding of what the team who make it happen need to do to achieve it, I can’t communicate what I need effectively.

All of the Carbon360 teams make an effort to learn enough about what each department does to be able to communicate clearly and effectively. That way when we create a new instance for each individual client, the process is smooth and well informed on all sides. It also means each employee feels appreciated.

Doing this makes everyone who works on Carbon360 realise just how much time and effort their colleagues put into what they do, and it makes each member of the team feel appreciated. That means we work better together.

I’ve found that just popping over to your colleagues work area for a quick chat often solves the problem quicker than communicating via email. It also means you get to know people better, and work more efficiently together overall. Importantly, it also makes work more fun and means that our clients get exactly what they need.

Obviously, not all organisations have employees working in the same place, but great communication can really make a difference, online and in person. This is why we also use goal setting and goals linked between departments to keep track of what each of us are working on, wherever we are. We can then use that information to inform what we need to work on ourselves at any given time.

Whatever sector you work in, you should take the time to learn a little about your colleagues and what they do. You are all on the same team at the end of the day, and you may learn something interesting and useful. Getting to know the people you spend most of your waking hours with makes work feel less like work!

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