Confessions of a 360 appraisal - meaningful goal setting for 2015

Confessions of a 360 appraisal - meaningful goal setting for 2015

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Happy New Year all!

Like many employees, I completed my annual 360 degree appraisal a few weeks ago (using Carbon360 of course!), and yesterday I had my feedback meeting. My manager, myself and five of my peers commented on my work over the previous year. At the end of each section we looked at the comments my peers had given and discussed how both my manager and I felt about those comments.

So many people set themselves goals for the sake of it at this time of year, and make their goals either too over-arching or narrow focusing. For example, you can set yourself a goal to work harder, or be a better employee, but the question is how?

I am going to share with you some of the feedback that I gained from my appraisal, and why I think I can turn that feedback into something positive –a list of genuinely challenging and achievable goals for 2015.

So here goes, confession time!

The thing I found about my appraisal this year is that it raised a number of issues I already knew I had, but hadn’t addressed or truly acknowledged. My appraisal meeting reassured me that my managers and colleagues would help and support me to improve in these areas. That is why honest and anonymous feedback can be so valuable, and even feedback that can initially seem ‘negative’ is actually an opportunity  to set yourself really meaningful, achievable goals on which to work in the coming year.

One thing that came up repeatedly in the feedback I was given was a lack of confidence in my own ability, and a difficulty in confidently articulating ideas and information to others. This is something that I have known I struggle with for some time.

However, I always had an underlying fear that my inability to articulate myself confidently was due to my work not being good enough. The feedback from my 360  made me feel positive about the quality of my work. I am now determined to think the presentation of my ideas through, and to slow down in my explanations.

As with everything in performance management, communication is the key to success. By communicating regularly, I can progress with those goals and can track and monitor my improvement and alert my peers about any difficulties I may be having. Getting feedback is great, and is a performance management must, but it is what you do with that feedback that really counts.

If you would like more information on goal setting, you can read our handy guide here.

I wish you all the best of luck with your goals for 2015, whether they be professional or personal and hope that we all achieve what we set out to.

It’s going to be a great new year!

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