Dave's favourite things

Dave's favourite things

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Firstly, to introduce myself! My name is Dave and I work as a designer for Carbon360. I make all the bods for our blog and newsletters and work closely with our design team to make sure Carbon360 both looks and feels completely user friendly.

When you are in the same office every day, it can be easy to forget what you like about working there. Sometimes looking at things with fresh eyes, and remembering what you love about your workplace can make a big difference. There are lots of little things that HR do at Carbon360 to make work more fun. I’ve picked some things, which aren’t directly to do with my role, but that I love about the company culture at Carbon360!

Music and Social media

In the Carbon360 offices we all have access to an office playlist. There’s a sort of unwritten rule about not putting more than five songs on in a row so we get a musical mix, but other than that we have free reign. We are also given a lot of freedom when it comes to social media. We  have a social media policy in place, but all the employees are trusted to use their common sense regarding when we use social media channels, and what we put out. It’s a great feeling knowing that managers have faith in us and give us the freedom and credit that we will not make the company look bad.

Monthly Socials

At the start of the year, the whole office gets together for a meeting. We go over what happened the previous year, and what our plans and aims are for the year to come. We set goals for the company, and we also plan socials for each month. Names are picked out of a hat and each team is assigned a month. We have had some very different outings, ranging from a tasty meal at the pub, to paintballing, to watching the grand national in the office in fancy dress! It’s good to let everyone put their personality into the planning, and great to regularly get the office together for something fun.

Improving my skill set

One of the great things about working for Carbon360 is the mix of skills we have in the office. The skill set ranges from HR professionals to designers, front and back end coders, finance, writers and many more, so there is always an opportunity to learn something new. From professional training to simply learning from the people I work with, since starting work with Carbon360 my skill set has steadily been gaining strength. We have very open communication in the team, so if there is any training you think would make you better at your role, or you would like to shadow one of the other staff to learn from them, we are always encouraged to ask.


Christmas at Carbon360 is really fun for lots of reasons. Firstly, the MD always makes sure that all the staff have Christmas off – from Chistmas Day to New Year’s Day. We also have a really big Christmas do every year, but we avoid ‘Office Christmas Party’ situations like the plague! HR plans a night away for the whole office where we can all get involved in the celebrations. Last year we stayed in a lovely house in Wales, and everyone pitched in with the decorating, cooking and organising entertainment. Working together to make the evening fun ensured that everyone got involved and into the Christmas spirit. People could also genuinely relax, unwind and enjoy themselves.

Free nibbles, tea and Friday beers

Rather than us all chipping in as happens in most offices, the Carbon360 team have a weekly shop delivered and paid for by the boss. We have lots of fresh fruit and a selection of drinks delivered every Monday for us all to enjoy. It’s just a great little perk, and I guess it stops us snacking on unhealthy stuff as much – although the team do bring cakes and cookies in, a lot!

None of the things I have picked are vital to the operation of the office – and that's why I love them! All these little things contribute to the building and reinforcing of a company culture that is shared by everyone in the team which makes work feel, well, less like work! I think sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

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