Horrifying HR – The terrifying plot of a work day gone wrong…

Horrifying HR – The terrifying plot of a work day gone wrong…

Shaun of the Dead bod

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d tell you a spooky story. A tale full of plot twists, suspense and scary situations. We’ve all seen the odd slasher film in our time, but have you ever thought about how the horror formula is very similar to a bad day in the office?

Settle round the glow of the campfire (or computer monitor) and consider this… how will you survive this Tale of Office Terror?

Act 1 – Setting the scene

A group of strangers are thrown together by shared circumstances, meaning they must head to a location where they are to be trapped for the next eight hours. Slowly but surely, they get to know each other, to rely on each other and to work as a team.

Act 2 – The Main Cast

The Manager/The hero or heroine: They must survive till the end, and lead and inspire the other characters. They must keep everyone working together to avoid certain death. There will be ups and downs, sometimes they will be loved, sometimes hated, but ultimately respected. This character will be the focal point of events and hold the others together.

The Team:

Even though they have come from different backgrounds with different experiences, they must slowly learn to work together and to communicate and understand each other if they are to make it to the end of the film (and into the sequel). They all have different skills, and they must use those skills together to survive.

Act 3 -Lockdown

It’s 9am. You’re in the building, and you’re not leaving until (at best) 5pm, whether you like it or not. Keep your wits about you, you must stay alive till then. There is no escape!

Act 4 – Scary and unexplained things out of your control begin to happen.

The situation gets spooky. Odd and unexplained things begin to happen and the team start to get a little scared as the chilling grip of dread and foreboding slowly descends. Challenges arise, and the team is getting tired… will they be able to cope? Disagreement sets in, tensions become frayed, fear takes hold. Time is running out and tasks need to be completed to avoid disaster. The Manager/The Hero/Heroine needs to do whatever it takes to keep the team together.

Act 5 – The Battle

It’s past 5pm. Some of the team have inexplicably disappeared. The surviving members barricade themselves into the building, ready to fight till the end and come out the other side, determined to do what needs to be done to return themselves and the company to safety. They find strength, skill and ingenuity they never knew they had.

Act 6 – Defeating the beast

After hours of panic, stress and with emotions running high, frantic and solid teamwork ensure the monster/killer/deadline is met face to face and defeated. The team are shattered, but they have bonded and have learned a lot about themselves along the way. They are stronger and better people for their experience. They relax, smiling and congratulating each other.

Act 7 – The final scene, or is it?

Returning home, happy and content, all seems well with the world. But workers, like horror characters have to face many, many sequels. An unexpected call comes through - another crisis, another evil deadline, another monster. This time the team are stronger, wiser, and better prepared to fight the next battle. They know each other better, and they know where their individual skills lie.
The next challenge may be just as difficult, but experience and communication mean the team are better placed to face the situation, no matter how scary it may be.

So what is the moral to the tale? Life can be scary, things can sometimes get out of control and situations can feel like they’ll certainly defeat you. However, if you know your strengths and the strengths of your team, you will live to fight another day. You can defeat anything if you know how to work together.

Happy Halloween!

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