Keeping UK universities at the top of their game

Why HR is key to providing a great student experience

Keeping UK universities at the top of their game

Why HR is key to providing a great student experience

The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2015-2016 are in and it’s made happy reading for many of the UK’s higher education institutions.

Most of the nation’s universities have moved up THE rankings and some have even made their way back onto the table after losing out last year. To get a place on this prestigious list, universities around the world are judged on teaching standards, research and their international approach, as well as other criteria.

This year, the UK comes second only to the U.S with 34 universities in the world’s top 200, and 78 in the top 800.

It’s great news but UK universities will have to work hard to stay on top. Continuing budget cuts and changes to immigration policies could make it tougher to compete against our neighbours in Europe – right now they’re doing well in the rankings and don’t have these issues to contend with.

Now more than ever before, universities are ‘people enterprises’ and success or failure is down to how individuals and departments work together.  In a sector with its people at its heart, processes which keep departments full of the right characters build a resilient and flexible workforce.

In turn, programmes which instil passion and reward behaviour that reflects your organisation’s values support a great student experience. That’s why more and more HR departments across the education sector are bringing 360 degree feedback into their appraisal process. It helps an organisation support its staff as they rise to new challenges, and shows that their efforts are valued.

While some team members might shudder at the mere mention of the word ‘appraisal’, Carbon360 turns it into a positive experience. We help you give your people ownership and encouragement in working towards professional goals, while reinforcing your values.  

However you want to run your 360 appraisals we can give you the solution you need, with the flexibility to fit easily into your process. You can use your feedback to spot skills gaps, highlight strengths, set individual goals, and make sure your organisation is working efficiently across every department.

Get in touch to book your free demo today – we’d love to hear from you.

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