Performance management pointers from the silver screen

Using the force of 360 feedback

Performance management pointers from the silver screen

Using the force of 360 feedback

Star Wars

Iron Man, Black Widow et al; Captain Kirk and his crew; Del Boy and Rodney… we’ve all got our own favourite band of heroes — saving the world; going boldly; making the family fortune by the end of next year. They’re beloved characters and they stick with us long after they hang up their shields, phasers and shearling jackets.

This week, in cinemas across the UK, we’ll be welcoming back with oh-so-open arms one such rag-tag team of misfits: princesses, pilots, ‘droids and philosophers among them. On 17 December 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will catch us up on the latest news from the Galactic Empire.

For decades, audiences have watched wide-eyed as Leia, Han, Luke and co. snarled around space in fighter ships, kept the cold at bay snug as a bug in a Wampa, and put the Imperial fleet in its place.

Just like every classic alliance in history — both near and far, far away — this is a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Working with the Rebel Alliance, Chewie and the team achieved amazing things (not to mention the impressive show of team spirit from the Ewoks). Star Wars is a phenomenon. It’s an absorbing piece of storytelling that showcases the beauty of film and (here it comes) it’s a powerful lesson in performance management…

Members of the Rebel Alliance — big and small, hairy and otherwise — understood what needed to be done, why it was important and how to do it. Each role played to the individual’s strengths, the relevant training was provided... even if it was a little late in Luke’s case... and the value of each rebel was recognised by the people who brought them together.

Use the force of 360⁰ feedback to build a strong, capable team of people who care about what they do...

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