Start your free Carbon360 trial today!

Start your free Carbon360 trial today!

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Wondering what’s so great about 360 appraisals?

Well now you can leave your own feedback and generate a 360 appraisal report in Carbon360 for free!

We have just launched a trial service which allows you to see what it’s like to leave 360 feedback in one of our sample questionnaires.

We then give you access to your personalised free sample report.

360 reviews gather feedback from an individual employee, and a selection of their clients, peers, or managers - anyone who works with that person and could provide a fair insight into how they work. The feedback left is anonymous, and we collate all the responses and ratings into an instantly generated feedback report.

With our free trial, you can see for yourself how your feedback fits into a sample of peer responses, to create a beneficial, in depth and truly representative report that can help you improve performance in your organisation.

3 easy steps:

  1. Leave us your details and we’ll email you an invitation to complete self-feedback
  2. Complete feedback in one of our simple, 360 review questionnaires
  3. We’ll email you your sample 360 feedback report

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