Working like a world cup winner – morale boosting match points

Working like a world cup winner – morale boosting match points

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The approach of The World Cup can often have HR preparing for a whole lot of headaches. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, if you think like a team manager (and make clear that red cards will be used for those who don’t follow the match rules) The World Cup can be a great time to promote your organisation, to boost staff morale and to assess and make changes to your workplace culture.

However, you need to carefully put together your game plan first, and make sure you let staff know that they are an important part of the team.

Yes, the World Cup can be rather disruptive – staff coming down with mysterious illnesses when big matches are on, employees coming in feeling rather worse for wear after the game, and distracted workers incessantly checking the score under their desk on one of the many mobile devices available.

However, in most workplaces, some staff are going to be distracted anyway. Why not use this as an opportunity to think about flexibility and culture, to show staff that you think of them as more than just office drones, and to boost office morale in a way that will last well after the last whistle has blown.

Here are a few tips from the Carbon360 team – they certainly work well in our office!

Let your players leave early

If there’s a big match on and you have a lot of football fans in, let them leave a little early. You save yourself a roomful of distracted workers, and you make staff feel valued, which they will very likely thank you for by working that little bit harder in exchange. Don’t be too soft though! Make clear that they will need to make up the time when all the excitement is over.

Build a stronger team

What better, easier and more fun opportunity for team building is there than watching the match together? Whether you head to a big screen in the pub, or get everyone round a screen in the office (don’t forget about TV licencing laws!), watching the match with your staff can be a great leveller and fun experience. Obviously it won’t be appropriate to do this for every match, but pick a few and make sure all staff are included. This should also put pay to employees pulling a sickie to watch at home.

Run a sweepstake

Whether you’re interested in football or not, running a sweepstake is a fun way to involve everyone. It makes it less boring for the non-fans (I say this from experience!), adds a little healthy competitive spirit, encourages conversation, and stops those who may not really understand what all the fuss is about from feeling left out. Do be aware that not everyone will be excited about the beautiful game to the same degree!

Be realistic

However much fun the World Cup can be, and however big a football fan you are, work is still work, and there are still rules.

You don’t have to come across as a miserable killjoy, but don’t let staff think they can get away with messing about all month! The best thing to do is make clear that they are getting the privilege of all the things mentioned above on the understanding that their work remains of a high calibre as usual. There is also no excuse to come in hung over the next day – even if England win (you never know!).

Make clear that, as in any other circumstance, offensive or inappropriate behaviour or remarks will not be tolerated.

Don’t let the World Cup be the one time moral boosting and fun happens in your office!

Though the world cup is a great excuse to show your staff that you appreciate them, you can, and should, do this all year round. If giving your staff a bit more flexibility with their working times makes them happy and work better, why not think about a permanently more flexible approach? From June 30th 2014, the right to request flexi-time will be extended to all employees, not just those with childcare obligations, so what better time to test it out!

The same applies to arranging events where staff can spend time together and have fun too – try and organise events that staff will enjoy throughout the year, people generally work better when they get along.

However you plan to embrace it, we hope you enjoy the football fever!

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