Effortless 360 feedback reviews

Flexible performance management, all round

Product steps

A 360 feedback review gathers insights from colleagues, managers, clients and anyone else your employees work alongside, to give you an accurate and thorough picture of performance.

Information gathered this way is truly representative, and can be positively applied to make your organisation work better.

Carbon360 can be configured to support any performance requirement you have, with the following features as standard:

  • Bespoke questionnaires
  • Bespoke rating scale
  • Unlimited reviewers
  • Customised workflow
  • Automated, customisable emails to support your process
  • Instantly generated 360 feedback reports
  • Comparative reporting functionality
  • Historical reporting functionality
  • Regular, automated reminders to ensure progress
  • Manager and administrator dashboards to monitor reviews
  • Reviews started manually or automatically
  • Personal task lists for each participant
  • Individual permissions settings
  • Choice of reviewer categories
  • Extensive questionnaire library
  • Multiple review templates
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More great features from Carbon360...

Bespoke Branding

From dashboards to questionnaires to your instantly generated reports, fully customise the whole system with your company logo and colours to make Carbon360 your own.

360 feedback icon download
Carbon360 Reports

Carbon360 will instantly generate your feedback reports, and there are a wide range of options available so your reports appear just as you want.

360 feedback icon download
Set Individual Goals

With Carbon360 Goals you can set informed individual goals using 360 feedback and information gathered at appraisal.

360 feedback and goals

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